Indirect Imports


Supporting our non-EU customers with the Dow Only Representative Trustee model

EU companies importing products - either directly or indirectly - have to comply with all of the importers' obligations under REACH. In order to make it easier for our non-EU customers to continue to sell to their customers in the EU, Dow has developed the Only Representative Trustee

The Dow ORT is an independent third party that can administer all business confidential data, such as the identity of customers in the EU and their individual volumes, for the Dow Only Representative Trustee. This gives our non-EU customers the opportunity to have their EU importers' registration obligations for Dow indirect imports fulfilled through the Dow Only Representative Trustee instead.

'Dow indirect imports' are Dow products (substances, preparations or polymers) that are manufactured or formulated outside the EU and subsequently sold to non-EU Dow customers before being imported by EU companies into the EU (as such or in formulations). These Dow products are 'Dow indirect imports' for those EU companies.

Completion of EU importers' registration obligations through the Dow ORT can be offered for those volumes of indirectly imported Dow products which can be included in the registration dossiers Dow will file for its own imports.

The ORT service is on invitation only. If you are interested in our service please contact Dow.