Dow and REACH

Protecting human health and the environment

Dow and Reach

REACH requires companies to identify, collect, evaluate, document and submit data to EU authorities on intrinsic properties and uses of the chemical substances they manufacture or import. Dow completed all relevant registrations as required by REACH depending on the relevant volume band. 

In accordance with the REACH and CLP regulations, the relevant European Safety Data Sheets were updated in due time to include new REACH registration numbers and, where required, the annex with the Identified Uses and Exposure Scenario.

Our businesses continue to coordinate efforts to collect and evaluate new toxicology data and information on downstream uses of the chemical substances we manufacture or import. All the new information will be reflected in updated REACH registration dossiers and Safety Data Sheets – where applicable. If there is doubt as to whether a specific use is covered by the Dow REACH registration contact us and we will work with you to clarify any doubts.

Over the past several years, while addressing all the different implementation aspects, Dow has developed great knowledge and expertise in the registration process as well as in the other elements of REACH. We also successfully passed many REACH and CLP inspections conducted by the national enforcement authorities in a variety of EU Member States.

Committed to product safety

Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemical substances, or 'REACH', ensures risks associated with chemical substances are managed consistently throughout the European Union (EU). Since Dow has always made product safety a top priority, compliance with REACH is directly in line with our 2025 Sustainability Goals.

A commitment to product safety is also why Dow takes a leading role in environmental, health, safety and security measures such as the American Chemistry Council's Responsible Care® initiative.