Communicate Information on Uses to Dow

When you have reason to believe your use is not covered by Dow, you can request Dow to confirm that your use is covered or to include your use as an Identified Use, should your use not already be covered.

To receive confirmation on uses please contact us

In order to enable Dow to check whether your use is covered or to start the process to include your use as an Identified Use Dow needs information on your use. When describing your use, please take note of the instructions provided by Dow to check your use. As a minimum your request should contain the following information:

  • short title of use: this title should exemplify the application
  • the Main User Group (SU3 for industrial uses; SU22 for professional uses; SU21 for consumer uses); if you have familiarized yourself with the new use descriptor for the Life Cycle Stage (LCS), instead of the Main User Group you can also provide the LCS code (IS for industrial uses; PW for professional uses; CU for consumer uses).
  • For worker uses (industrial or professional):
    • - one or multiple PROC
  • For consumer uses:
    • - one or multiple PC

Note that you do NOT need to provide information on the ERC. When evaluating your use, Dow will determine which ERC is most appropriate, based on the information you have provided.

Information on the AC is only relevant for service life in articles.

The following table provides an overview of the information in your request for use coverage (minimum required information in red, bold).

Use setting Industrial use Professional use Consumer use
Short title of use “Use in/as .....” “Use in/as .....” “Use in/as .....”
Main User Group (MUG) SU3 SU22 SU21
Life Cycle Stage (LCS) IS PW ICU
PROC Required; one or multiple Required; one or multiple Not allowed
PC Optional Optional Required; one or multiple
AC Only for service life Only for service life Only for service life