The Dow Chemical Company is fully committed to keeping customers up-to-date with the REACH registration progress.

In accordance to the REACH and CLP regulations, the relevant European (e)SDSs (Safety Data Sheet) will be updated in due time to include new REACH registration numbers and, where required, the annex with the Identified Uses and Exposure Scenario.

Dow has taken into account the known uses of its own substances and the uses of those substances for which it has received information from its customers. These uses will be included in the Extended Safety Data Sheet and customers are encouraged to review these upon receipt to confirm their uses are included. If in doubt on whether a specific use is covered by the Dow REACH registration, the customer is kindly requested to contact Dow through our Customer Information Group and a Dow representative will work with the customer to clarify any doubts.

If you are a non-EU customer and would like further information on how Dow can support you and your customers in the EU, we strongly encourage you to visit the non-EU customer section of the website. If you wish to be covered for REACH by Dow, please contact us and we will evaluate whether the necessary Only Representative registrations are available.

Over the past several years, while addressing all the different implementation aspects, Dow has developed great knowledge and expertise in the registration process as well as in the other elements of REACH. We also successfully passed many REACH and CLP inspections conducted by the national enforcement authorities in a variety of EU Member States.

We maintain a strong focus on REACH and stay engaged in constructive dialogue with trade associations and authorities and are well prepared to continue to address any challenges posed by the further implementation of REACH. Dow remains fully committed to the objectives of REACH and to ensure that our products are safe for their intended uses.