Dow and REACH - EU Customers

Helping You to Stay in Compliance

An European Union (EU) based company that manufactures or imports products in the EU is required to register the chemical substances contained in them under REACH.

We are currently registering our substances to meet the second registration deadline of May 31, 2013.

Under REACH, EU customers of an EU based company are called 'downstream users'.

Their 'downstream uses' of a substance contained in a given Dow product have to be documented in the registration dossier of that specific substance.

Dow strives to cover all uses of its products by customers and make these Identified Uses

Once a substance has been registered, EU customers must follow the risk management measures or instructions on uses, specified by the registrant of the substance and communicated in the Safety Data Sheet.

If an EU customer's uses are not documented in the registration for a substance, two options exist:

  • The EU customer will pass the necessary information on to the EU based company manufacturing or importing the substance. The latter will then modify its registration to include the EU customer's use.
  • The EU customer will have to register its specific use directly with the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA). For this, the EU customer must complete an independent chemical safety assessment for the substance.

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